Tuesday, October 23, 2007

scandinavian grind technique

Dude, view the vid below. Nice drumming!!

phd research proposal

man....can anyone out there help me with my proposal for phd degree? Yuckss!!! I'm stuck here with the progress and need to put the exam on top of the pecking order now. Nevermind, i'll come back later to polish and complete the quasi mind blowing proposal.

Haaa...which one is nicer? Hehe, the black crow and a more sinister version of the Satria R3 is mine now. Horray!!

examination week

Dude, it is here again, the examination frenzy. Not that i've to prepare for any papers but i've to give fair grades to the students, both their test papers and final exam papers. My god, it is so tiring marking the test papers and the exam papers will be equally tiring too.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

eid aidilfitri 2007..the reincarnation of lixrym

fuuuhhh..it's been ages since i last updated this blog and many things have changed since then. Today, it is the third day of hari raya and the celebration is still going on although the excitement seems to be reduced a bit.

On the first day of aidilfitri, we (i mean me, my father and mum) went balik kampong to Tasik Glugor, Pulau Pinang to visit my mum's relatives who almost all of 'em been residing there since ages ago. We departed from Taiping around noon with my new sexy machine, the Satria R3..yes Satria R3, the Satria Gti is a history now when i disposed the car at the end of January 2007 and i took the helm of the Satria R3, limited vehicle edition no.051 out of 150 units ever produced by the R3. So how is the car, i mean the Satria R3? Is it better than its predecessor, the Gti? The answer is.......Yes it is but...i trully miss the predecessor. Man, there were so many things happened since my me last updated this blog. I'll come back later to reveal all these changes.