Wednesday, October 19, 2005

In memorium: ARADIA [1995 - 2005]

This memorable photo from the legendary Malaysian Black Metal band, ARADIA, was taken in the year 1998. From left, Trismegistus (guitar), Darkness Whisper (Vocal/Guitar), Enormous Sadness (Bass) and Burning Twilight (Drums). Will they ever make a comeback?

ARADIA. Will there be a reform?

Ohh shit!! Suddenly i felt that i wanna get back to my old saliva live. The old days when long hair and black t-shirt are common. What happen to the other members of the band? Faizal, already married with a baby to date, Jeff the guitarist, recently got married and Ai'e (enormous sadness) also got married long long time ago. So the only one in ARADIA who is yet to get married is me..Ha!Ha!! I hope one day, ARADIA will be back jamming and storming the studio at Petaling Jaya (the black widow). Time will tell then.