Thursday, November 09, 2006

Satria GTi all around the world

Here are some pics of GTis in my collection. Love this car so much! I bought myself one in year 2003 and still in love with it.

Tun admitted to IJN

Get well soon Tun. I'll pray for you day and night. The best Malaysian prime minister ever.

Satria GTi. Is the car still sexy?

I wonder whether my sgti is still a sexy car with the introduction of Neo? Hmmm..a bit outdated but still i love my sgti.

Aidilfitri 2007

Happy eid aidilfitri to all!! Hmm..not bad for this raya since i celebrated it for the very first time with my girl and also for the very first time at Bandar Enstek (near KLIA and putrajaya).

Exam week is back!!

UiTM Pahang exam's week is back with a vengeance! hehe..i'm sick becuz:

1. Need to invigilate, meaning, need to wake up early.
2. Need to marking 5 codes or 5 subjects. Damn u UiTM Pahang for being so nice and yet so cruel like shit!!