Sunday, December 18, 2011

Academic freedom and the corporatization of University

So how is market democracy diluting the traditional values of universities inherited from the fusion of Newman, Humboldt and Jaspers? The attached video is a public lecture given by Professor Noam Chomsky on the issue of academic freedom as a result of neoliberalism economic paradigm.

Brutal Deathgrind anyone?

Severed Records, an indie label based in the US is very well known for their signing of serious deathgrind bands all over the world. Recently, i bought two CDs through their online store. Those two CDs are from Decaying Purity (turkey) and Hiddeous Deformity (norway). Those two bands are so underrated but their musical arrangements are so unbelievably awesome.

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Playlist December 2011

For this month, Ulver and Shining dominate my playlist. Not a very traditional old raw black metal that we all used to be very familiar with Ulver style back in early 90s but they are evolving from one album to another. More ambient kind of feeling for this album with electronic mastery. Shining in contrast, is a hybrid of jazz and black metal and they are becoming big in Norway nowadays.

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Latte obsession in Melbourne

One thing that i enjoy very much here is the cafe culture in Melbourne. There are small cafes everywhere at the city centre. A cup of latte is a must to start my academic ritual everyday. It'll cost me 3.50 AUD for a cup which resembles the size of a teh tarik back in Malaysia. Worth it :-)

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Monday, December 12, 2011


I have not driven a car since 2 september 2011!! The reason is because i left my car back home in Malaysia and is being taken care by my brother. Hopefully she is well and safe. No one knows or cares more about her than i do.

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December 12 2011

JB hifi, one of the biggest CD outlet in melbourne, is throwing a big sale! They'll just throw in everything from folk, pop to metal. Everyday, there are different titles on sale and seriously those CDs are dirt cheap. I dont want to pay for their retail price, especially metal CDs, brand new releases can fetch up to 35 aud which for me a bit ridiculous unless if those CDs are rare and hard to find, otherwise i'll rather go for second hand CDs :-). Look, what did i manage to find? Wormrot, Keep of Kalessin, Hate Eternal, all priced at 7.99 aud. What a bargain :-) I'll be waiting for the boxing day sale next!

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December 12 2011

I always have a soft spot for electronic music. Other than metal, electronic bands excite me too. Probably groups like a-ha, depeche mode, chemical brothers, pet shop boys (i dont bother even one of its member is a gay) and mum are always in my playlist. Yesterday, i discovered another fantastic duo, ironically this group is from Norway. ROYKSOPP and they just released an album with a title 'Senior'. Good one though :-)

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

December 11 2011

still in

bed n probably will be in office by noon today. Top of 20 celcius today in melbourne

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